Monthly Archive: November 2016

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Day Trading of Bitcoins

Over the last few years, bitcoins have gained lots of traction. At first, early adopters of bitcoins were mostly impressed by the technology it brings in and the whole philosophy about having a currency that does not belong to any government. Media has quickly picked up on this cryptocurrency and the whole bitcoin hype has started. Lots of companies have started developing products that are associated with BTCs, every news portal had been publishing BTC-related news pieces nearly on a daily basis, and even some companies tried to bring in bitcoin technology into their own ecosystems. This has resulted in...

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Biggest fines in retail FX industry

All across the world, financial regulators made a crackdown that led to plenty of individual trades and also banks being punished with enormous fines. 2014 was definitely a year with extreme fine amounts. The Financial Conduct Authority imposed fines of total amount $1,107,253,930.25 against 39 companies. All those millions On 12 November 2014 fines of total amount $1.7 billion were imposed to five banks, as a result of them failing to control business practices in their foreign exchange trading operations. UBS ($371 million), HSBC ($343 million), JPMorgan ($352 million), Citibank ($358 million) and RBS ($344 million) were penalized by the...

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How prohibition of FX Bonuses will affect the industry?

Will the prohibition of Forex Promotions in Europe affect you? Ups and downs of the new European move in the financial industry. New bonus practices are announced by the supranational regulator of Europe. The use of all of the Forex promotions will be suspended. The suspension applies to all the risky and suspicious promotions that encourage the clients to trade more or take bigger risks. NOT sharing is caring? Bonuses are one of the effective marketing tools used by forex brokers. The amount and conditions can be different and they depend on the broker who use this kind of ‘reward’....