About Us

Forex Pipster is a five headed monster, so to speak. We are a collection of five traders (and one web guy in L.A.) who have been in the trading game for quite some time. We are spread across the world. One of us is in Europe, two are on the East Coast of the States, and two on the West Coast. We all trade professionally (for a living) and lead comfortable lives. We decided to put this site up for a couple reasons:

1) The Forex Marketplace is filled with a ton of nonsense, and it’s a shame because there are a plenty of people who get abused by the con games going on out there. For that reason many of these people leave the market forever and never look back.

2) Another reason we decided to put this site up is to give Forex beginners a chance at some real value — in terms of information. There are so many forum owners and Gurus and trading experts out there who seemingly have no idea what they’re doing, and for that reason we decided we’d try to put together the site we all wish we’d had when we started trading. We’ve recently started introducing visitors to traders we respect. The first is one of the best Forex signal providers out there. We expect to continue the introduction and further our appreciation of professionals we respect.

The truth is that of the five traders who make up the ‘mind’ of this site, four went through the hell that is the ups and downs of a newbie’s life before getting it right. The fifth started with the advantage of being the son of a trader. (Nice advantage.)

Well, we hope you find the site of interest. There is certainly plenty to learn before one is able to consistently pull pips out of the market. The most important skills to develop are the ability to call yourself out on your mistakes, and the awareness be mindful out your emotional ranges.

We Pipsters are all steady eddies, and we’ve pretty much gotten to the point that the entries we make are about as rousing as opening the refrigerator door.

We trade with tested setups; we trade with market understanding; and we never make it up as we go along. We don’t trade our hopes, and we never go in heavy to the point that it changes our disposition.

Anyway… that’s a little about us. Feel free to reach out and offer any suggestions for the site. It was built for you!