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What Does this Forex Signal Service Beta Testing Involve?

It is a signal system provided by a trader we’ve come to respect highly. He’s a colleague of ours whom we’ve known for years, and we’ve watched him refine himself and his study of the forex markets. The results are astounding.

Who is the Individual?

He is a man who lives on the West Coast. He is not one for notoriety or fame. He lives a quiet family life, and has dedicated himself to the study of the markets for over a decade.

We’ve been able to keep tabs on his success. He is a very sharing person who is now at a point that sharing his brain power seems as important to him as growing his wealth.

He has spent countless hours studying the markets against various time periods, price patterns, etc. He uses no indicators. Nor does he use any levels (as we so obviously do.) He has a discretionary system that seems all his own.

To describe him I would say the following:

Studious, well-educated, dedicated… and inevitably successful.

Is he a Pipster?

No. In fact I sat with him recently and listened as he explained something he’d been working on… his latest iteration. His trading is ever evolving, and it is why a signal service is really the only way for him to share the information. In fact, it is not only a Signal Service, it is an Automated Forex Signal Service that manages trades directly from his live six figure account to yours.

It truly is one of the fascinating aspects of the market… to see that success can be had so many different ways.

Why are the Pipsters Involved?

Well, he is somewhat guarded, and he doesn’t trade with our approach. And to be honest he is not at all interested in the ruckus many of the signal and EA providers make to stir up sales. He is comfortable where he is – working with a small group of colleagues. The results – see live acct link below – speak for themselves.

We, over coffee, discussed the idea of simply sharing the information with visitors to our site. We initially thought to share it with just members, but decided to open it up to the community at hand because of all the questions/requests we get.

He was initially leery, but after I showed him our site, and proved to him that it essentially operates at break even as a vehicle of sharing quality information, he was more than glad to give it a try.

What Is Involved in Beta Testing?

Well, he realizes the challenges of sharing trading information, particularly histrading strategy. His system has been spot on with our brokers, and likely will continue to be. That said, he is offering FREE TRIALS to interested parties via demo accounts to continually test the signal feed between various Metatrader systems.

It’s his live account that governs all trades. He never makes a trade that isn’t included in his six figure live account.

Can a Trader Simply Learn the System?

After spending time with the system I can honestly say that it is beyond me. I simply could not learn the system myself even with years and years (more years than I’d like to count) with the markets. It simply calls on too much statistical data that he has planted into his mind.

This is basically for people who would consider allotting a certain amount of money with a trader of renown and following his every step.

Why Don’t the Pipsters Do Something Like this?

He is FAR more technologically versed. Plus we’re lazy.

Will it Inevitably be $1,000 a month?

No, no, no. He, as do we, wants to share his knowledge with the regular people of the world. He doesn’t expect too many people with six figures to join him. He is fine with a nominal fee.

What if I Don’t Have $100k to Trade?

His system scales down trade size based on equity. It’s all done by the signal system. It’s actually pretty cool.

Anything Else?

Not really. If it’s something you’re interested in reach out to us and we’ll get you set up with beta testing. Just contact us through email or our contact page.

And if you’d rather watch this professional perform from afar for a while, we’ll leave the live acct link up on the site.