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Ranges Stay Tight 0

Ranges Stay Tight

The FX markets (majors) remain in tight ranges. We started off the week searching out trend, but we really didn’t expect much to come off a Monday. As we prepare for the second day of the week, we realize that this long summer is nearing its close, and that the markets will have to find direction before long.

Week Comes to Slow End 0

Week Comes to Slow End

Traders, we’ve been watching these levels hold on these very strange ranges. EURUSD is in a 500 pip range in what has to be the most fundamentally volatile month since 2008. We’re still trying to gauge market direction, and for that reason we’ve been very cautious. Trading Forex is not just about breakouts and fibs, it has plenty to do with understanding the overall market conditions, and these conditions suggest a storm is brewing. Below is the write up we offered in Premium. You’ll see (if you look at a live chart) that the markets behaved at that 8860 level....

USDCAD Continues to Run 0

USDCAD Continues to Run

Traders, we headed into London with the understanding that this tight range in the EURUSD has to break, and that trading Forex in these conditions is essentially a challenge due to one simple fact: this range is going to break, and when it does, it may be violent. Here’s that Premium post: Reasons for Consideration: With the EURUSD stuck in this triangle, we simply play the markets tight and watch this narrowing range. It’s all we can do. Our USDCAD trail remains, but it doesn’t look too healthy. Reasons for Concern: Breakouts of these narrowing ranges can be snappy. Many...

Correlation — US Dollar Index Trading 0

Correlation — US Dollar Index Trading

The Trading Strategy: Correlation — US Dollar Index Trading Trading Strategy Implementation: Correlation trading, just like all other sorts of trading approaches, comes in variety, and as a result it’s unfair to bulk the approaches as a single system. In order to be fair, we’re going to address one of the more common Forex correlation approaches — that being an effort to monitor US Dollar strength and weakness relative to two majors; and in doing so, look for overall US Dollar strength or weakness. This is a precarious way to trade because Dollar Indexing, as we like to it, can...

Breakout — Close of Body 0

Breakout — Close of Body

The Trading Strategy: Breakout — Close of Body Trading Strategy Implementation: Because there are a ton of breakout approaches out there that are frequently discussed by traders, we are going to try to define the differences of the ones we study by name. In this case, the Close of Body references a horizontal level that we define via candles as the range the market is looking to break out of. For starters, we need to define an area that is either choppy or congested. In terms of breakout strategies that we Pipsters have employed over the years, the one constant...

Fibonacci Level Confluence 0

Fibonacci Level Confluence

The Trading Strategy: Fib Level Confluence Trading Strategy Implementation: This strategy is created by the use of confluence with Fibonacci levels. Because there is some definite contention out there in the world of technical analysis regarding which levels have the most merit, we will simply apply the ones that are most commonly referenced. This is the 38.6, 50.0. 61.8, and the 78.6. The approach is relatively simple. The trader looks to find areas of Fibonacci confluence in order to time market turns. These areas of confluence are highly regarded, and often lead to market turns, which can, of course, produce...

Three MA Cross 0

Three MA Cross

The Trading Strategy: Three MA Cross Trading Strategy Implementation: Use three simple MAs at different speeds and trade the crosses of the two faster moving MAs with the slower moving average applied as governance for the trend or direction of trades. This is probably somewhat a wordy explanation, and will certainly be helped with the support of images, which are provided below. The idea is relatively simple. Three MAs are placed on a chart. In this case we are using the 15M chart. Chart preference is up to the trader. The Pipster belief is that the close to the tick...

Two MA Cross 0

Two MA Cross

The Trading Strategy: Two MA Cross Trading Strategy Implementation: Use the cross of the faster moving MA (in this case the 5 MA) over the slower moving MA (55 MA) as an entry. (MA selection and trading time frame, along with Money Management, would go on to create a trading system. We here are simply analyzing the strategy.) Profits are taken at three times the distance between the entry and the stop. Stops are set at the previous low (if a buy situation) or the previous high (if a sell situation) with room for the spread plus one pip. Of...