Forex Combo System Review

Forex Combo System is one of the most popular EA system’s on the internet today.

Strategies used: Unlike other products Forex Combo System uses three different strategies instead of just one.  This makes the product useful in any market cycle, but it can lead to up and down returns, but that is to be expected.

The most interesting of the three strategies Forex Combo System uses is a reversal strategy.  A market channel is determined and once the price breaks out of the channel one way or the other a trade is made.  This strategy sports a take profit target of 160 pips and a stop loss of 70 pips, so there is a high reward to risk ratio but you can expect to lose more trades than you win by using this strategy. Even if you only hit one out of every three trades by using this strategy, your account will still be well into the black.  In my opinion there is little difference between having 30% profitable trades and 75% as long as my account ends up in the same place.

Another strategy employed by Forex Combo System is a scalper strategy.  This strategy is one of the simplest to wrap your head around.  This strategy attempts to profit from small market movements.  The take profit target is just 21 pips while the stop loss is at 300, which sounds absurd, but both targets are rarely ever met.  Positions are opened and closed very quickly, this strategy is all about getting in and out of a position with a small profit, remember that a small profit is always better than no profit or a loss!

The third and final strategy used by this system is a breakout strategy determined by the ATR, average true range indicator.  The average range is fairly easy to understand, a position is monitored and the average range of the position is determined.  When it appears that a trade is breaking out of its average true range Forex Combo System does not hesitate to open a position.  There is a take profit and trailing stop loss at 500 pips, so this is the biggest high risk high reward positions this system takes in general.

Returns: This is what all systems, EA or Forex Robots come down to.  A system can make absolutely no sense, but if it consistently turns a profit year in and year out it is more than worth it.  This combo system has very impressive, verifiable returns.  Forex Combo System will generally return between 2-10% on your investment each and every month.  Of course this system has its tough months just like every other system and investment strategy, so you should be prepared for a few bad days, weeks or even months.  History has shown that this system has produced handsome returns.

Pricing: Forex Combo System is not cheap by any means.  It costs $299, however if tests show that a certain trading program or system works, which tests have for this system, any 3 figure price is reasonable.  It is important to remember we are talking about trading real money, if you are even able to generate a modest return on your investment over time thanks to the Forex Combo System it will prove to be well worth it for you.

Extra Goodies: There are two things that Forex Combo System has [or does not have] that I really like about the system.  The first is that the system is consistently upgrade, version 2.42 is out now and it runs as smoothly as ever.  Also the support manuals that the makers of Forex Combo System provide are worth their weight in gold, it makes the system easy to understand and implement.  One other thing that I have noticed by just browsing the Forex Combo System website is that the system sells itself.  They explain what the product is and the returns it has gotten in the past and allows you to come to your own conclusions.  Other systems go out of their way to include [normally fake] testimonials and marketing BS that is really not necessary and takes away from the value of the product in my eyes.

Conclusion: The Forex Combo System works, I would go as far as to say it works as well as any program or software I have ever reviewed.  You need to keep in mind that no system will ever go straight up, markets simply do not work like that.  All the forward and backward testing I have seen shows that the system will work, but it will take patience and an investment of not only money but time.  Your capital will zig zag using this program, but that is to be expected.  Do not expect riches overnight after buying this product but that does not mean it is not worth the price.

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