Wall Street Forex Robot

Wall Street Forex Robot is an Expert Advisor product ran through Plimus, one of Forex’s top E-Commerce solutions.  This is one of the most popular forex EA options today so anyone who keeps up with Forex Expert Advisor systems or robots should at least have a basic knowledge on how this system works.

Strategy Overview: This program is a scalper that looks to lock in many smaller profits.  You will hear more about this in the Backtesting section but Wall Street Forex  Robot is profitable in roughly three out of four trades that it makes.  Wall Street Forex Robot opens positions 24/5 with no time constraints.  This means you will be making [or losing money] while you sleep, while you are at work… Not all programs have this feature.

Backtesting: Backtesting has been very kind to the Wall Street Forex Robot.  Year to date this robot has made a little over 500 trades, 522 to be exact, and has generated a return of over 100%, this means you would have had to have just 300 dollars in an account over the course of a year to make up for your initial investment, which is peanuts in the investment world.  If you are interested in looking at the exact returns check out this link.  Many EA systems lose the majority of their positions but their wins outweigh their losses, Wall Street Forex is not this type of system.  Wall Street wins three quarters of its positions, long or short.  While they only take in an average of 10 pips in profit for every win while losing 22 pips on each loss, the wins still outweigh the losses by a large margin.  You will be hard pressed to find a system that wins as consistently and this one.

Price: The price of Wall Street Forex Robot depends on whether you choose the one or three real account license.  All things being equal three accounts are clearly favorable to just one but is it worth the extra $190 you will have to pay?  Buying just one license costs $299 while three costs $489.  If I were you I would go with just one license to start, if the robot works well for you buying more licenses is always an option with the money you make from your first license.  Three hundred dollars seems like a ton of money, but for a top of the line forex robot it is a pretty good deal, a very competitive price.

The best thing about this robot is that it comes with a no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee.  For any reason within the first two months that you own this product you can get your money back.  Many systems claim to have a return policy, but few policies can match the size, scope, and responsiveness of this program.  If I were you and I was interested in this product I would buy one license for $300, if I liked the product after two months I would go ahead and upgrade to three licenses, if I did not for whatever reason I would get my money back and move on to the next product or system.  You have little to lose by giving this product a chance.

Overall: It is important to remember that only 15-20% of forex traders end up turning a profit, but the 20% that do really rake in the money.  It is so tough to make money consistently with forex that you should invest in a few EA programs or forex robots of some kind.  Wall Street Forex is one of the better programs I have reviewed.  Month after month it generates profitable returns, it has its difficult times just like any other trading or investing strategy, but this compares favorably to most other programs I have reviewed.  The price tag of either 300 or 490 dollars is steep, but it may be worth it depending on who you are and what you are looking for.

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