A Win and a Loss

Traders, we ended the week’s trading with a win and a loss during the sessions today. Instead of focusing on the win, we’ll examine the loss.

Trading Outlook Heading into London:

Reasons for Consideration:

Again USDCAD suggests a temporary bottom may have been formed, and that an eye on new recent highs beyond the .03s may be in the cards. Of course we have some levels to get through before then. Here is a look at a 15M chart to get a feel for the levels we’ll be watching.

The following chart showcases the trade we took, and that’s about all there is to say about it.

USDCAD Trade Fails:

A nice week of trading. No runners really, but overall pretty technical. Take a look at our colleague’s Signal Service Testing page if you haven’t seen it. Pretty darn impressive.

Have a great weekend!